Unconscious Biases…ME?


If you are looking to make fairer decisions, enhance the power of diversity in teams (the best antidote to groupthink), and promote innovation in a better work environment, working on unconscious biases is essential. Understanding the theory is not enough; we must work deeper on our most irrational aspects to achieve a real change.

  • Understand that everyone has unconscious biases, which can lead to jumping into the wrong conclusion, misjudging other people, and creating exclusion. We are predictably irrational!
  • Being able to identify the main unconscious biases and their impact on day-to-day decision-making: team building, collaborations, customer service, delegating, etc.
  • Develop skills that allow you to face these biases, being able to turn off the automatic pilot and activate a more conscious system of personal and professional decision-making. Thus, enhancing inclusive intelligence.

We will start with an interactive talk and group dynamics to understand the main unconscious biases and develop the ability to recognize them in ourselves.

We all have unconscious biases. We tend to trust more in people who look like us, to attribute our failures to external factors, to think that attractive people are more successful, to seek confirmation of the expectations and stereotypes that we have towards certain people, etc … AND we do it without realizing it, autopilot mode!

Is this the moment? Situations of stress and uncertainty return us to more primitive modes of functioning, increasing the use of stereotypes and our tendency to discriminate. Current times worldwide shows how fundamental it is for all of us to work on our biases (race, religion, gender, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, etc.), which becomes a personal and professional responsibility, individual and collective.

We will develop skills to find cognitive alternatives that allow us to manage our biases when making decisions relevant to our personal and professional life.

We will help to understand how it is not our differences that separate us, but our way of living them as threatening. In this way, we will develop an inclusive intelligence that fosters inclusion and productivity.

The workshop will be experiential and will feature gamified and interactive learning activities.

Liderazgo inclusivo y gestión de la diversidad - Piezas


Computer with camera, audio and microphone.


The workshop is led by experts in Intercultural Competencies and Management of Diversity and Inclusion, whose passion is to help people and teams better manage diversity in all its forms and who have extensive experience in the business and university environment.

Unconscious Biases…ME?

Develop inclusive intelligence to achieve a fairer and more inclusive environment that enhances productivity and innovation capacity

5-20 personas
Workshop with interactive talk and experiential group dynamics with interaction and gamification tools.
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