Stronger together


Teams that work together, newly created or already consolidated, who want to strengthen collaboration and trust by building a shared vision. Especially indicated at the beginning of a period or project to align management teams or work teams.

  • Strengthen communication and commitment in the team, maximizing collaboration spaces.
  • Build a code of shared communication and collaboration.
  • Align the team with the shared purpose and vision, making it a motivating element and accelerating its performance.
  • Create personal bonds by developing a base of trust.
  • Emotionally involve the team in the project generating individual and collective commitments.

Identifying the moment in which the team finds itself, we will design a highly interactive and experiential session, aimed at generating awareness and transforming team collaboration for good.

In the first part of the experience we will work on communication and trust with dynamics based on the DISC methodology. Interactions will be generated between the members of the group from the experience, the emotion and the reflection that will make them discover a different perspective of their collaboration:

  • Get to know each other in a more personal way, fostering positive relationships and trust in the group.
  • Improve understanding and connection of team members.
  • Encourage conversations and exchange of feedback.
  • Recognize and appreciate the contributions of each member to the team.
  • Build a code of shared communication and collaboration.

In the second part of the session we will work on the shared vision to generate individual and collective commitment. We will reflect based on lived experiences, what has helped us and what has blocked us to co-create the future together:

  • Give meaning: we will collectively visualise our challenges and ambitions and translate them into our collective purpose.
  • Align: share the different visions and motivations around the project, reinforcing commitment by aligning the work team with the vision.
  • Put focus: appropriation of priorities by the whole team, generating individual responsibility of each member.

An impact session in which we will emotionally involve the team, generating collective commitment.


Screen, projector, flipchart and a large room to facilitate team dynamics in the space.


This experience can be done in 2 sessions of 4 hours.

Prior to the session, a briefing session will be held with the person in charge of the team to adapt the design of the dynamics to the objectives and moment of the group.

Stronger together

Develop collaboration and commitment in the team through a code and a common vision shared by all.

6-15 personas
Dynamics of systemic and team coaching, mental maps.
DISC methodology and team dynamics. Manual thinking, LSP (Lego Serious Play) or Points of You.
Español, Català, English, Français
Toda España
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    Contextualized design and diagnosis, facilitation of the session and materials.



    Los que lo han probado dicen
    "At a time of so much change, we needed to reconnect as a management team and share the different visions of our business area. It has been an incredible day where we have renewed trust between the different members of the MT".
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