Our creative surplus


Professionals and teams that want to activate their creative thinking and demystify the act of create to innovate.


We all have a creative surplus, a part of us that has a creative yearning that we sometimes don’t liberate or activate or use in our daily work life. It happens to all of us!

There are different ways to activate or give ourselves permission to use this creativity. We should demystified the act of being creative and innovative to be able to reveal our creative potential. We need to move away from the idea that some people are innovators and some people are creative and that they’re just born that way. That’s not the whole story.


In a very inspirational, dynamic and interactive way we’ll explore the different ways to uncover our creative potential and find innovative solutions.

First step will be discover what creativity mean to each of us and come to a shared meaning. That is the first step for demystification. Then after we can identify the spaces and situations that we currently inhabit or visit that energize and allow creativity, as we have defined it. Sometimes we just have to find a place that feels safe enough or come outside of our unquestioned habits, or mechanical zones, or comfort areas, to push into new areas for our brains and bodies.

We’ll put the ideas in the context of our daily job. We’ll have the support of a set of hooks, which is a tool that helps people get to creative focused expression for any kind of idea. This allows us to immediately put the notion of innovation and creativity into practice and for a little bit of serious fun.

We all can be creative. It takes work, practice, space and permission. And intention. And it’s inside you right now. We will talk about and interact with these provocative themes during this online event.


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About Jennifer L. Johnson

Jenifer L. Johnson is a narrative strategist, former Washington health lobbyist, author, corporate facilitator and profesor of innovation & creative entrepreneurship. The essence of her professional life has been to find solutions to complex problems through the construction of new narratives.

Jenifer was born in the United States, holds a combined degree in Philosophy, Political Science and Strategic Communication from the University of Texas and lives in Barcelona, Spain.

She has spent the last decade advising business teams, scientists, political leaders, educators and activist groups on how to innovate their thinking and communication and create clear stories they can use to effectively connect with others.

She is the co-creator of The Storyboard Method — a new path of tools used by companies like Hewlett Packard, Orange and Novartis help people and teams re-think and transmit their ideas with purpose and impact. Her book on The Storyboard Method is published in Spanish and Chinese.

Her current mission is to help bring people’s visions, words and ideas to life. Her mantra is: «Those who shape the stories shape the future».

Our creative surplus

Demystifying and embodying innovation and creativity.

20-75 personas
Interactive online webinar.
Inspirational talk. Group sharing in breakout rooms.
Indoor / Outdoor
Español, English
Toda España
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    Interactive online webinar.

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