Crime in Sant Pere


Work teams that want to improve their interpersonal relationships, developing their communication and collaboration capacity among their members.

  • Development of interpersonal relationships from a different space than usual, which allows them to discover other aspects of their peers.
  • Improved communication, since collaborators strengthen ties and gain confidence.
  • Reinforcement of collaboration and teamwork by living a new experience in which they have overcome common challenges.
  • Development of leadership within the team and awareness of the different personal roles, as well as the individual qualities that make the group stronger.

Take your company out on the streets, gather your team and solve the biggest crime!investigated in Barcelona, ​​in the year 1909! Your team’s mission will be, in less than two and a half hours of investigation, to find the culprit behind the sordid death of Arnau Sant Pere, a young man who was found poisoned in the crypt of the church of Sant Pere de les Puel les , in the Born neighborhood and rule out the eight suspects one by one until the murderer is found. As you progress in the investigation, however, you realize that this mysterious crime is bigger than you thought…

Some examples of evidence are: Coded messages, Interrogations of witnesses, Analysis of monuments, Interaction with businesses in theneighborhood, etc.

The result of this gymkhana in Barcelona is a growth of the team that improves both their interpersonal relationships and their communication skills, which directly influences greater collaboration and performance.

Crime in Sant Pere

Visit emblematic places in Barcelona, ​​passing various tests, which will improve communication and collaboration.

28 personas
Team activity to strengthen interpersonal relationships.
Barcelona (y provincia)
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    Team of entertainers along the route, who will surprise the team with their tests, supervise the tests and make the experience dynamic.


    Bar at the end, prizes for the teams, multilingual game, personalized tests and video / photographic report of the experience.

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