Effective online meetings


Suitable for natural teams and for people who in their role lead meetings, especially in an on-line environment.

  • Obtain the basic resources for effective online communication.
  • Become aware of common meeting dysfunctions and their impact on team results.
  • Reflect on and experiment with "best practices" to address these dysfunctions or challenges.
  • To know the aspects that contribute to the effectiveness of a meeting (purpose, objectives, actions, temporality) and to the affectivity of a meeting (positivity, role management, etc.).
  • Obtain specific resources to lead effective online meetings.

A team's meetings are a mirror of its functioning. What happens in a meeting usually reflects what happens to the team. Therefore, any dysfunctional symptoms of meetings, whether in task effectiveness (agenda, interruption management, decision making, etc.) or relationship effectiveness, show the need to "be" more of a team.

In addition to resources to improve the effectiveness of online meetings, we will also see tools to better communicate and energize these meetings. Very useful, especially now that we have remote teams.

  • You will take away resources to make your presentations and online meetings more attractive and productive.
  • You will learn how to plan and structure your meetings.
  • You will learn expressive resources to generate more connection.
  • We give you tips to give the best image through the screen.

Computer with connection or wifi, camera and microphone.


This experience can be customized to the specific needs of the team.

Effective online meetings

Improve the dynamics of online meetings and make them more effective.

6-15 persons
Interactive online webinar with hands-on exercises and feedback
Spanish, Català
All Spain
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    Those who have tried it say
    A very positive experience valid for any profile within an organization. Our whole team was delighted after the session, and we will certainly implement all the tips we took away from the webinar!

    The training was very interesting and appropriate for the times we are in and the times to come. Videocall meetings are going to be more present in our day to day. It provided us with tips for improvement and created a basis that will surely bring professional quality to the planned meetings.

    One of the most fruitful trainings I have received and that help me in my day to day. They have given us many recommendations and applicable advice.
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