To lead change, #developmentnonstop is needed.

The world is undergoing profound and rapid change. We are experiencing the beginning of a structural change in the ways of working and living in organizations. The great technological, environmental, social and economic challenges we face require new, more enabling leadership and new ways of dealing with change.

This is how our commitment to #devolpmentnonstop was born: a way of working on team development based on continuous, agile and adaptable learning. Because this is the only way we can be prepared to lead change.

And how do we do it?

At Ready for People we offer team development solutions from an experiential and interactive perspective.

We work in key formats to adapt to your company's challenges: workshops, training programs, teambuilding, conferences and coaching.

We contextualize and create new development solutions to adapt to the reality of each organization. Below you can discover some of our "Ready" solutions:


This activity is divided into one or several modules, with very specific development objectives and/or deliverables that will be achieved in a very practical way and through the active participation of the group.

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Training programs

An activity or program in which defined learning and skill development objectives are pursued by the participants.

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Workshop or activity that seeks the development of a work team seeking to generate a basis of trust and work on interpersonal relationships. It can be a playful activity but always with a development component.

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Lecture on a specific topic to a specific group of the company. In general, it is not very interactive but more informative or inspirational.

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Intervention focused on the personal development of a professional or the development of a team, with specific objectives defined prior to the start of the process. We work with PCC certified executive coaches.

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At Ready for People our objective is clear:

To have the solution you need at hand when you need it. Saving you a long process of searching, briefing and proposals.
Our mantra is #developmentnonstop,

may development never stop in organizations!

We have more than 100 professionals from various disciplines to offer you the solution you need when you need it. "Ready" solutions that we contextualize and adapt to the moment of each organization. Saving you a long process of search, briefing and proposals.
You define what you want and we help you implement it successfully.

Want to know more?

We will be happy to help you drive change in your organization!

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Awakening change
Pharmacist with gloves and glasses smiling
Improving efficiency and productivity in the pharmaceutical sector

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, organizations cannot fail to innovate in those development solutions that [...]

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Our community speaks about us

Taking advantage of the party we held to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Ready for People last October 20th, we asked two questions [...]

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Management Way

The great environmental, social and economic challenges we are facing, together with the context of complexity and uncertainty faced by every [...]

How to drive change in your organization?

At a time when the needs for support in organizations are continuous and changing, it is vital to provide people with agile and effective development solutions.

Today the challenge in our organizations is not to define what we want to achieve, but to make it possible, the difficulty is always in the implementation.

Are you clear about where you want to take the organization and what you want to achieve, but are you having a hard time putting it into action?
Do you find it difficult to move from powerpoint to action and real transformation? Is traditional consulting not working for you?
Have you noticed that detailed and rigid training and development plans are never followed?
Is the process of looking for different options, giving briefings, asking for proposals, evaluating them and asking for references too long?
Do you find it difficult to find innovative and effective development solutions?
Are you bored with the same type of training, with the same dynamics and the same trainers?

Forget about spending hours and hours searching and selecting the development solutions you need.

There is a quick and efficient way to find and implement them!

Book an appointment with us for a free diagnostic session and advice on your development needs.

EVENT: Bye bye to training plans
In a context where #lifelonglearning is imposed and in response to the need for organizations to adapt to an environment of rapid and continuous change, the development of people becomes strategic and is the catalyst for transformation.

Take a look at our video summary.
EVENT: 5th Anniversary Celebration
It has been 5 years since we started this exciting project that was born from a very clear vision: the non-stop development of people and organizations to face challenges and generate positive impact on society.

It was an experience where we learned and also enjoyed, it was a day by and for all those who bet on #developmentnonstop.


We are the only company that offers such complete development solutions in an agile and efficient way.

They are proven solutions that respond to current needs and that we contextualize for your organization and/or team.

Through our website you can see some of the experiences we offer. If you contact us and tell us what you need, in a few hours (24h 48h) you will have a variety of options (with price) adapted to the context of your team or organization.

Of course! We always carry out an initial contact with the trainer so that you can start to get to know each other and to finish the briefing to ensure a good contextualization.

Yes, once we have the solution that suits you best, we help you implement it: we contextualize, adapt objectives if necessary, support you in communication, materials and follow-up.

All of our experiences have at least one development objective and are therefore all bonus-eligible.

Yes, most of our experiences can be conducted in English and Spanish: in fact, some can be conducted in Catalan, French, Italian, German and Dutch.

The price "expensive" or "cheap" is always relative. Our prices are in line with market prices. In addition, you should take into account the quality of our design, facilitation and service, which ensures your success and saves you a lot of time (=money).

All kinds of development solutions for people and teams on topics such as: leadership, change, teams, innovation and creativity, agility, and more!

We carry out training experiences, workshops, interactive webinars, teambuildings or conferences, among others. In online, face-to-face or blended format. And always in an interactive and experiential way.

No. We advise you on which options may be ideal for your needs, but the People strategy is up to you. We help you implement it successfully.

Yes: on this website you will find testimonials and success stories from some of our clients. If you click on this link, you will be able to see some of them!

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