The road to excellence


Teams that work together, newly created or already consolidated, who want to develop their interpersonal relationships and test their collective effectiveness. Especially suitable for business or functional area management teams, project teams or start-ups.

  • Experience the elements that make a team highly efficient and with a high level of collaboration among its members.
  • Identify the different roles of team members and the differential value of collaborative work.
  • Individual and collective awareness of teamwork.
  • Generate interactions between team members from the action discovering a different perspective of their collaboration.
  • A great team moment that generates trust and commitment.


We will meet at Port Vell (Barcelona) all ready for a great moment of navigation. Sailing means teamwork, effective communication, decision making, shared goals and above all motivation and commitment. These are all key aspects of the success of High Performance Teams (HPRs).

We will carry out the initial briefing (including the security protocol) and preparation exercises with the Skipper. Then we will embark to start sailing. The experience on board will allow us to discover our strengths as a group but also our areas for improvement. We will sail for about 2 hours, using the rotation of roles and positions that exist in a sports crew. The team will carry out the work guided by our Skipper.

During the navigation we will discover key aspects for a great team’s performance. Having a collective purpose, team rules, interdependence and the mutual trust among members that will strongly influence motivation, commitment and optimal team performance.

We will end the experience with a short debrief of the team experience meanwhile enjoying some drinks and appetizers.


Clothes to go on a sailboat, that can get wet and stop the wind. Spare in case we get wet. Sunscreen cream and sunglasses. Tied flip-flops or sneakers, always with white soles.

Optionally we can provide corporate equipment such as windbreakers with a personalized logo. Please ask for a quotation if interested.


No previous nautical knowledge or special physical preparation is required. This activity is suitable for people of any physical condition and age.

Safety is a priority during all the activity that is carried out at all times in navigation areas near the coast.

The road to excellence

Discover the keys to a high-performance team through a sailing experience.

10-12 personas
Sailing and group dynamics of role rotation.
Español, Català, English
Barcelona (y provincia)
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    Sailing (Dufour soiling boat), snacks and drinks on board. Teambuilding facilitation. Liability insurance.

    Does not include lunch/dinner or transfers.



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    We highly value the experience, from the preparation to the activity itself. It was great fun! You have perfectly understood the purpose and have managed to get the team reflecting on the elements that make a team work. Thank you!!! Well done!!
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