Spirit of Adventure


Teams that want to discover in an impressive and inspiring way the keys to leadership and personal effectiveness, to achieve their goals, always connected with their purposes, values and sense of life.

  • Reflect, develop and adopt a positive and efficient attitude in facing life’s challenges.
  • Deep into the different aspects of self-management and leadership necessary to evolve personally and professionally in line with your own objectives, the needs of the teams and the objectives of the organization.
  • Empower the team and inject renewed energy.

Albert Bosch is an expert in reflecting on attitudes learned, conceptualized and revealed thanks to his own extreme experiences. This allows him to connect with the audience in a unique and authentic, emotional, impactful, experiential and functional way.

It is a very interactive and dynamic workshop, which takes the form of an adventure trip around the world visiting 3 very special destinations, from where Albert will share his experiences to transfer them to the concepts that are intended to be covered in each destination.

In the Jungle and based on his journeys through jungles around the world, he will focus on an adventure he made in the Amazon in 2010, impacting them in the way he learned to avoid dangers with the environment (plant and animal) and overcoming his phobia of snakes and arachnids. This experience will connect us with the management of uncertainty and the development of new capacities in the face of challenges, turning moments of change or crisis into an opportunity for development.

In the Mountain, and starting from his climbs and especially his ascent of Everest, he will explain the process of managing change but focusing on reaching an ambitious goal, overcoming all the obstacles, dangers and team problems.

At the South Pole, based on his exceptional solo crossing of Antarctica, in which he spent 48 days absolutely isolated to be able to reach the South Pole without any external assistance, he will explain the extreme adventure of finding himself alone and depending only on oneself. in the physical and in the psychic. From there it will link with the importance of being well connected with oneself, of knowing oneself, of having clear purposes and vital values, of fighting for what we really want and not for what others expect of us, as essential solidity to be able to cope with change both personally and professionally.


Large and spacious room.


Albert Bosch is a hybrid character, with a long history as an Adventurer and Entrepreneur; as well as a lecturer and writer, with 5 published books.

Among many other adventures, he has crossed Antarctica unassisted from the coast to the South Pole (1,152 km – 98% alone), has completed the ‘7 Summits’ project (Climb the highest mountain on each continent, with Everest as a final point), he has participated in 9 Dakars (2 on a motorcycle and 7 in a car), where in 2015 he became the first driver in history to participate with a car without gasoline (100% electric), he is a regular runner of Ultra Marathons, and has done more than 100 races or challenges of different disciplines of extreme sports.


This conference/workshop will be conceptualized with the company according to needs.

Spirit of Adventure

Discover through a personal storytelling and in an interactive and entertaining way, the keys of leadership and personal effectiveness.

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First person Storytelling and experiential learning exercises
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