Playing Virtual


Teams that want to promote interactions between their members through a gamified team building with virtual reality that will make them discover a different perspective of their collaboration.

  • Discover the potential that VR technology offers from experience and immersion.
  • Promote interaction, cooperation and dialogue between group members.
  • Break barriers and establish emotional bonds.
  • Generate a feeling of belonging to the group.
  • Establish positive dynamics among members.
  • Explore the innate roles and communication styles of members.
  • Boost creativity and motivation.

With the latest virtual reality technology we will live a TOP team experience that leaves no one indifferent.

We will divide into teams of 3 to 5 people (optimally 4 people). Each team must strategically distribute specific roles and with exclusive functions in the different virtual reality activities.

A competition for points is established between the teams. At the end of each test, the markers of each team will be updated, until reaching the end where the team that has collected the most points will be proclaimed the winner.

The 3 hours are distributed as follows:

  • 30 minutes: presentation, creation of teams, establishment of roles and icebreaking.
  • 2 hours: main activities energized by virtual reality.
  • 30 minutes: closing and announcement of the winning team

The games and activities of the central part of this virtual reality teambuilding will be chosen based on the situation and moment of the team, as well as the objectives that are intended to be achieved. For example: newly created team, existing group cohesion, collaboration, etc.

We will end the activity with a brief review of the experiences lived (debriefing) and what we take with us.

Playing Virtual: team building con realidad virtual - Experiencia


VirtRoom that enables to move freely and WIFI.


All the games are tested with people of diverse profiles to guarantee a good experience and suitable for all audiences (no motion sickness).

Playing Virtual

Live an immersive and fun team development experience thanks to the latest technology in Virtual Reality.

6-20 personas
Virtual Reality
Toda España
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    VR equipment with HTC Vive Pro glasses and dynamization.


    Debrief more in depth.
    Space, catering, video or photos of the event.

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    "Very fun and impressive activity that allows you to work in teams and see the importance of each role to achieve a desired result under pressure"
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