Mountain rescue


Teams that work together and want to develop their collective effectiveness through developing interpersonal relationships and teamwork.

  • Generate interactions between team members by living a experience that will make them discover a different perspective of their collaboration.
  • Improve interpersonal communication in the team, trust and camaraderie.
  • Observe the routines of the team, raising awareness and facilitating opportunities for change towards optimal performance states.
  • Live a unique experience that will awaken awareness, enhancing individual and collective leadership.

Very innovative experience due to its format and location in the middle of nature. The mountain provides an ideal relational space in which the team can interact in a different way.

The participants will live a unique experience that will awaken individual awareness and enhance personal and team growth.

The day begins with a trekking combined with an orientation challenge. During the ascent, the challenge of rescue will be presented by surprise with improvised material and climbing elements. The pace of work during the rescue is intense, there is tension and decisions require temperance, intention and clear definition in execution. It teaches how to create a stretcher and how to use a zip-line system to simulate the transfer of an injured person and their subsequent transportation to the evacuation zone.

This experience will allow us to discover resources and skills that each member of the team can incorporate to improve collective effectiveness. It will allow us to glimpse opportunities to improve collaboration, communication and group work, as well as being an unforgettable team experience.


No physical preparation or special knowledge is required. Anyone can do this activity. Of course, you must wear comfortable clothing and mountain shoes, gloves, sunglasses and sun protection.


The design of the activity will be customised and we’ll decide with the customer the location and the depth of the dynamics.

There is the option of extending the workshop to 8 hours, carrying out in the last part of the workshop a deeper debrief of the experience lived and a formalization of the team development plan.

Mountain rescue

Experience a mountain rescue to emerge opportunities for personal development and enhance team efficiency.

8-12 personas
Mountain survival induced team activity and group coaching dynamics.
Español, English
Toda España
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    Hiking, orientation and rescue day activity accompanied by a highly experienced mountain guide.
    Facilitation of the session by a team coach.
    Materials for the activity.

    Transfers are not included in the price.


    Breakfast, lunch (team barbecue option), photos/video of the event

    Los que lo han probado dicen
    "It is an excellent activity to consolidate the integration of teams. Not only for the playful part -which is very interesting and fun- but also this activity puts into practice the essential criteria that every team must have: communication, listening attitude, cooperation, empathy, etc. Ready For People, through its excellent professionals, effectively and dynamically succeeds in reinforcing the strengths of the team and enriching the shortcomings that become visible during the dynamic. For us, it has been a real success to carry out this activity, because we have strengthened our ties as a team"

    "It has been formidable. The Ready for People team is extraordinary. We have an unforgettable experience that has given us an answer on how to improve quickly, enhancing our strengths and focusing on our area of improvement as a team. There is a before and after for us after this rescue. Thank you!"
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