Mmmmm, Chocolate!


Teams that want to reinforce the relationships and connection between their different members through a playful, creative and sensory experience.


An original way to motivate and support your team.

Online experience that aims to discover, learn, and enjoy the world of cocoa and chocolate in a corporate environment that encourages and generates positive dynamics in the participating work groups. Working as a team, fostering a collaborative spirit between departments, improving employee performance, unifying, and motivating teams … can be easier and more fun with chocolate!


With the virtual activity «Aromatic cocoas. Journey to the origins» we will make a sensory journey where the real protagonists will be the cocoas of high percentages, we will discover new flavours and sensations and we will learn to taste chocolate optimally.

During the virtual experience we will begin a journey to the origins of cocoa that will lead us to discover a new world beyond chocolate as we know it. A trip to the origins where you can learn and discover everything that is hidden behind a cocoa pineapple.

The origin. We will travel to a cocoa plantation in the Dominican Republic, and learn about the transformation process of the raw material.

The sensations. Have you ever tried pure cocoa? Touching, smelling, tasting raw and roasted cocoa beans, learning about cocoa varieties and their organoleptic properties.

The chocolate tasting. We will discover the sensations that will cause us to taste aromatic cocoas of unique and singular origins such as Madagascar, Peru or Nicaragua and we will learn to taste chocolate optimally. Are you ready to enjoy a unique sensory experience?


Computer with network or wifi connection, webcam, headphones and microphone.

Mmmmm, Chocolate!

Journey to the origins of cocoa that will take us to discover a new world beyond chocolate as we know it.

45 personas
Virtual chocolate tasting
Toda España
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    Facilitation of the session.
    Box with:
    - 4 Amatller Aromatic Cacaos collection tablets from Nicaragua, Madagascar, Uganda and Peru origins.
    - 4 Aromatic Cocoa tasting sheets
    - Wheel of Chocolate Aromas
    - Toasted cocoa beans
    - Butter and cocoa paste
    - Desktop to arrange the elements of the tasting


    Shipping the chocolate boxes for Tasting.

    We can prepare baskets with chocolate to give as gifts.

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