They don’t have it easy at NASA either


Teams that face situations of complexity and change and want to learn how to manage in this type of environment.


The objective of the conference/workshop is to provide participants with tools to be able to better manage complexity, so dealing with change environments, generating pressure and uncertainty.

Through similes, which we will do with different projects carried out by NASA, we will talk about:

– What are the main difficulties we encounter in relation to dealing with complexity.

– Introduction of methodological aspects from the disciplines of change management and risk management, as well as practical tools easily adaptable to each particular situation, which will help participants to better analyze complex situations, to be positively activated in the face of change, and to make decisions in a more rational way in complex moments.

-An emotional component, which will allow the participants to know how the process of change works, how it affects us as people (understanding, therefore, that complex and changing environments generate uncertainties, fears, doubts,… and that this is natural). ), and what are the main levers to move through it.

We use the innovative methodology “A space to grow” (© Leading-On), which uses elements from the universe and space exploration to facilitate discussions and learning, create impact, and generate memory about the content through exciting facts. and amazing.

  • Knowledge, simple tools (adaptable by themselves to their environments and problems), good practices and «tips» that allow them to better manage complex and changing environments (information analysis, decision making, risk forecasting, …)
  • Knowledge about how change and complexity affect us as people, in a totally natural process.
  • Emotional balance, in relation to the previous point, to try to avoid and/or overcome feelings, typical in this type of situation, of self-blame, discouragement, etc.
  • The memories generated by impressive examples of space exploration, Memories that will easily reactivate knowledge and lessons learned will not be easily forgotten.
  • A fresh and different experience. An inspiring conference.

Spacious room suitable for the number of attendees, with audio equipment, computer and projector or monitor.



Joan Anton Català is the creator of the “A space to grow” methodology. This innovative combination between the business world and the universe is possible thanks to:

  • His long professional career in the field of organizations, having held positions of maximum responsibility in areas such as business development, innovation, corporate strategy, and human resources.
  • His solid scientific training (he has a master’s degree in astronomy and astrophysics and quantum chemistry), which allows him to be developing a professional work of scientific dissemination in the media (radio, press and television) and also through his books.

This conference/workshop will be conceptualized with the company according to needs.

They don’t have it easy at NASA either

Obtain tools and skills that will allow us to navigate in complex and changing environments.

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    Preparation and facilitation of the conference based on the methodology “A space to grow” (© Leading-On).

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