Teams that want to develop getting to know each other and understanding their relationships with others. All in an experiential and impressive way.

  • Become aware of our own profile and getting to know each other better.
  • Understanding the diversity of the team as an opportunity.
  • Know the impact we generate on other people, empathise and communicate better.
  • Create a safe space where we can share openly and constructively.
  • Create cohesion in the team and sense of belonging,

Very experiential and impactful session where brief concept pills are be combined with group dynamics. Music and role-play will be used to experience communication dynamics and reflect on them.

We will work the following elements of the team:

  • the self-knowledge of the members and knowledge of their impact on others,
  • the diversity of its members to recognise what each one contributes to the team,
  • collaboration and cohesion,
  • deepen communication styles and address conflict situations.

Music and rhythm are the basis of the session. Songs are chosen to be linked to DISC personality styles. Instruments are also distributed according to the DISC profiles and musical dynamics are performed that highlight styles. We’ll also the experience by playing to play in a more opposite way to what our usual way would be. This is a very effective way to work on our understanding and empathy towards others.

We will close by giving space to positive feedback and recognition through  «musical voice bath» games.


Before the session: every participant needs to fulfil DISC test (10 min) and read the individual reports

Room suitable for the number of attendees, with audio equipment, computer and projector or monitor. Enough space to be able to divide into groups of 3-4 people, or to be able to be in separate rooms or spaces.


Develop team’s communication and collaboration through the DISC methodology and music

8-20 personas
Music, interactive group dynamics, coaching and DISC.
Indoor / Outdoor
Español, Català, English
Toda España
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