Cooking emotions


Working teams that want to strengthen connections and get to know each other better thanks to a very unique gastronomic experience involving all senses by the reputed chef Sergi de Meià.

  • Get to know each other better individually and reinforce trust in the team.
  • Promote the integration of diversity by identifying the values, beliefs and preferences of each individual.
  • Help improve bonding between people and team collaboration.
  • Experience sustainability in first person.
  • Empower team members and make then feel rewarded.
  • Experience a unique atmosphere involving all senses.

We propose a unique experience combining local ingredients, finest gastronomy and music.

During a few hours we’ll go through an amazing sensorial journey by the hand of the well-known catalan chef, Sergi de Meià.

The journey will start with a local producers market (optional depends on duration) in which we can learn about the Km0 food, their source as well carefully select our ingredients for the cooking experience.

We’ll embark together into a gastronomic journey with 4 stops:

Emotions: the music as well as the food create a perfect symbiosis, they activate the internal, the emotional. Trough a jam session in which we’ll create individually our own edible vinyls.

Flow: we’ll discuss the ingredients that as team we need to be in balance and flow. We’ll co-create our own soup that represents us.

Sustainability: sustainable food not only applies to the product, it applies to the economy, culture and the environment. Bet on local, seasonal and organic produce, reduce or eliminate plastics, betting on recyclable or biodegradable packaging and distances. Here we’ll taste a finest local dish that encompasses all the sustainable, organic productions of our territory. Created by Sergi.

Innovation: innovate for a better world. Innovation is the journey to the origins beyond the human, paying attention to the natural rhythm slow and steady processes that have created life. We are an innovative specie by nature, from mastering fire, agriculture and culture. We’ll cook and taste and innovative sweet dish.

We’ll end the experience with a reflection on the journey and what this represents for our team and the challenges in front of us.


Sergi is the President of the «Coma de Meià» Foundation

7 years owner of the Sergi de Meià restaurant in Barcelona

For 6 years, head chef of the «Monvínic» Restaurant in Barcelona, ​​considered one of the best wine restaurants in the world. (In the TOP 10)

In 2009 he received the National Award for Young Chef of the Year from the “Catalan Academy of Gastronomy” and in 2013 the “Km 0 – Slow Food” award

As head chef, he worked at the “Reno” restaurant in Barcelona (2001 to 2004) and later, for almost 4 years, at the «Excellence» Restaurant in Andorra and Barcelona.He has also worked at Aman-pulo (Philippines) and one year at the «Fishhh!!» Barcelona

His career as a chef began at the restaurant “La Colmena” in Andorra, “La Torre de Remei” (Puigcerdà), “Rydges Hotel” (Australia), “Akelare” (San Sebastián) and “El Racó d’ en Freixa» (Barcelona).

Sergi de Meià is the author of different publications and books related to gastronomy. Among others: «El llibre dels esmorzars de Forquilla», Editorial Comanegra; «La cuina dels bolets», Editorial Ara Llibres; «La cuina de 1714», Editorial Comanegra, «La cuina del Montsec», EAP Artesa de Segre.

The chef speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

Cooking emotions

Strengthen team connection and trust through a espectacular gastronomic experience

5 -15 personas
Food, cooking & music experience combined with team dynamics
Español, Català, English, Français
Toda España
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    Chef, cooking ingredients, recipes and cooking materials.
    Food and drinks.
    Facilitation of the experience.


    The experience can include a full diner or only appetizers, depending on duration desired and budget available.

    Photos/video of the event.

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    “Highly impactful team experience, a sensorial journey into our senses, beliefs and emotions".

    "Difficult to describe with works, memorable moment that you need to live with the team"
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