Break your borders


Teams that want to be more productive, improve communication, reduce conflict, increase trust and develop inner talents in their role.

  • Self-knowledge and getting to know others.
  • Improvement in communication channels.
  • Training and optimization of working teams.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Leadership Development.
  • How each style is motivated in a team?
  • What does each style contribute to a team?
  • Build high-performance teams.

It is a unique tool that was born in the Netherlands from the union of the knowledge of a cartographer and an expert in the 4 styles of human behavior, giving birth to a unique experience where teams will not have to think but to feel on this map what they really need to achieve its objectives.

It is a 2.50 x 3.50 meter carpet where a map of the 4 styles of behavior is developed and instead of cities, rivers, islands, seas… we will find the characteristics of each style. There will be areas of how others see us, others that are our challenges, others that are our points of light, it is a true journey through the metaphor of the journey.

Understanding the different styles allows us to develop strategies on how to interact with others. Forming effective teams, resolving conflicts, improving the level of performance and motivation, all these challenges, which all companies face, are related to human behavior.

All of this on the map is discovered by taking an inner journey, where creativity and intuition prevail and guide people towards their goals and in their best discoveries of themselves and others.


We will explain the different styles of behavior and how they relate to each other in a team. We will explore the map to the last corner. We will do dynamics that will help us discover new unexplored places for us to be able to arrive on our journey at the right point where we want to be.

The metaphor of the journey will accompany us at all times, so we will use creative dynamics that will help teams open up and take a journey in their lateral thinking, leaving intuition and active listening to themselves and others to do almost all the work. .

We will experience on the map what usually happens to us in the real world, in our day to day and thanks to the uniqueness of this tool it will be a living experience, of connection with oneself and with others and above all very revealing.

  • We will look at the values ​​and characteristics in the work of each style. What are its limitations and its pillars.
  • We will look at leadership styles. How they are motivated and the cause of the conflicts.
  • We will provide tools for people to learn from where other styles move and thus be able to find new ways of understanding and also to be able to build solid projects together that can achieve great goals.

The union of styles is the power of a team.


Projector, blackboard and large space to display the map.

Break your borders

A Map of human behaviour: a unique, creative and systemic tool to boost team development and growth in a experiential way.

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    Facilitation, Human Behavior Map TEST + Personal Map.

    Travel to Berlin.

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    Fantastic for team development and cohesion. Very experiential and revealing dynamics that have made us discover a different perspective of ourselves and our collaboration.
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