Barcelona Tech Rally EN


Teams that want to develop their internal cohesion, as well as improve strategic thinking, creativity and leadership.

  • Development of leadership, active listening and persuasion.
  • Enhance creativity and ingenuity, but also logic, skill and speed.
  • Increased analytical capacity and improvement in decision making.
  • Live a fun experience capable of uniting the group.

Barcelona Exploration Challenge is an urban gymkhana in which each team must visit the 10 most emblematic places in the city, all in a limited time and with digital tablets.

Before starting, a briefing is held in which the dynamics of the game are explained, the participants are divided into teams of 4-6 people and the maps and devices are distributed.

At each location, participants are given quizzes related to each space: from group photos to code searches to trivia questions. Also, new tests will emerge during the challenge!

The teams will have to plan the best route to try to visit all the marked locations, which develops strategic thinking: do we try to gather the places that give the most points or go to the closest ones, with the lowest points? Creativity and collaborative work will be key!

In this way, Barcelona becomes a game board and the experience is very fun, but above all it causes individual and collective growth, gaining in cohesion and analytical capacity.


Some parts of the gymkhana can be customized, so as to create a link between the specific needs of the organization and the activity itself.

We start and end the activity at the Hard Rock in Plaza Catalunya (Barcelona).

Barcelona Tech Rally EN

Development of strategic thinking and group cohesion through a gymkhana in Barcelona.

15-90 personas
Team activity to encourage strategic thinking.
Barcelona (y provincia)
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    Tablet and physical map with the playing area and the locations for each team.


    Personalized tests, own missions, customization of the material with the logo and colors of the organization.

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